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Pulse Point - Kongregate

Created in 48 hours, Pulse Point allows you to take control of a white blood cell. Use the mouse to move onto the point for each pulse of the heart, while avoiding the viruses. All challenges are timed to the beating of your own heart.

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Art - Erica Villeneuve
Production/Design - Justine Alley Dowsett
Music - Stephanie Tellier
Programming - Michael C.A. Patoine
Special Thanks to: Robert Dowsett, Cassandra Bauer, Murandy Damodred, and Nicholas Vidal.

Do your cellular best!

Avoid viral threats, work with penicillin, and reach the pulse point in time.

Pace yourself!

Measure your heartrate. All of the games challenges will be modified by it.

Keep your heart alive!

Do not let the red heart shrink too much, or you might fine yourself flatline.



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