Off the Hook




Off the Hook - Coming soon to Android's Mobile Marketplace

This mobile game is based on our popular shooter, Birds of a Feather, but taken to all new levels underwater! Control your fish with the touch screen on your mobile device and tap to shoot bubbles that cause the other fish to join your school, while avoiding underwater dangers in this multi-leveled deep sea adventure. And no, we didn't forget to add the snorkeling pigs that burst into bacon!

Credits: Production - Justine Alley Dowsett
Programming - Michael C.A. Patoine
Art - Erica Villeneuve
Music - Stephanie Tellier
Special thanks to: Cassandra Bauer, Murandy Damodred, Kevin Dowsett, Robert Dowsett, Nicholas Vidal

Call out to your School

Avoid obstacles while collecting different types of fish in your school!

Unlock new levels and Achievements

Compete for high score, or try and get all three gold stars by completing achievements!

Multi-level Adventure

More fish, more obstacles, more bonus items and power ups and even a boss fight!



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