Greenhouse Kids Mystery Game




Greenhouse Kids Mystery Game - PC

Based on the popular book series by award-winning author Shelley Awad, this hidden object game features objects and settings from the books that will be familiar to the fans. Help Dan Delion find what he's looking for by playing through four hidden object levels while collecting seeds to grow in your personal secret greenhouse.

Art - Anthony Moscuzza
Erica Villeneuve
Production/Design - Justine Alley Dowsett
Music - Stephanie Tellier
Programming - Michael C.A. Patoine
Special Thanks to: Robert Dowsett, Cassandra Bauer, and the Clark family.

Your own secret greenhouse

Water your plants and watch them grow as you play!

Four Hidden Object levels

Settings and objects from the Greenhouse Kids series

Gentle Tutorial

Teaches children aged 8-12 how to find objects and tend to their garden

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