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First Age Studios creates quality custom digital media. We focus primarily on
producing custom designed video games as a unique form of online advertising.
See titles below for examples and feel free to CONTACT US to find out
what we can do for you and your business!


Bovine Bash

Bovine Bash - Android

Tilt your mobile device to change lanes as you drive along this obstacle filled country road. Cows and Fences are everywhere to block your path and if you don't avoid them you could crash - or worse yet, end up with a cow splatted on your windshield! Touch screen enabled, in this game you have to think fast and rub the cows from your screen to keep seeing what lies ahead.

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Off the Hook

Off the Hook - Android

This mobile game is based on our popular shooter, Birds of a Feather, but taken to all new levels underwater! Control your fish with the touch screen on your mobile device and tap to shoot bubbles that cause the other fish to join your school, while avoiding underwater dangers in this multi-leveled deep sea adventure. And no, we didn't forget to add the snorkeling pigs that burst into bacon!

Cat on a Leash

Cat on a Leash - Online

Created in 48 hours for ToJam 2013, Cat on A Leash is a puzzle platform game where the goal is to lure, trick or force a cat through a variety of obstacles to complete each level. ToJam's theme this year was 'uncooperative' and we think we've hit the nail on the head with this one! Try it for yourself or watch the trailer.

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Pulse Point

Pulse Point - Online

Created in 48 hours, Pulse Point allows you to take control of a white blood cell. Use the mouse to move onto the point for each pulse of the heart, while avoiding the viruses. All challenges are timed to the beating of your own heart.

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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather - Only on Kongregate!

Flock together in this fast-flying shooter game. Call out to your flock to gather as many birds as you can and multiply your score, but watch out for ostacles and be sure to eradicate all imposters.

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Greenhouse Kids

Greenhouse Kids - Online

Based on the popular book series by award-winning author Shelley Awad, this hidden object game features objects and settings from the books that will be familiar to the fans. Help Dan Delion find what he's looking for by playing through four hidden object levels while collecting seeds to grow in your personal secret greenhouse.

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Auxillium Magi

Auxillium Magi - XBOX Live

Unite the forces of Fire and Ice to repel incoming magic attacks! Help Ice Mage Zaganos and Fire Mage Aruna complete their missions while defending the construction of the Sky City. Play through the story or compete against a friend in this fast-paced center-defence game.

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You're a Tree

You're a Tree - PC

Created for Global Game Jam 2011 in forty-eight hours. You're a Tree! explores themes of survival and extinction in a fun and adictive arcade game.

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