Bovine Bash




Bovine Bash - Now available on Google Play

Tilt your mobile device to change lanes as you drive along this obstacle filled country road. Cows and Fences are everywhere to block your path and if you don't avoid them you could crash - or worse yet, end up with a cow splatted on your windshield! Touch screen enabled, in this game you have to think fast and rub the cows from your screen to keep seeing what lies ahead.

Credits: Design - Chris Atkinson Production - Justine Alley Dowsett
Programming - Michael C.A. Patoine
Art - Erica Villeneuve
Music - Stephanie Tellier
Special thanks to: Cassandra Bauer, Murandy Damodred, Kevin Dowsett, Robert Dowsett, Nicholas Vidal, Kayla Wright, and Shawn Zwaryczuk

Tilt to change lanes and avoid obstacles

Cows and Fences are in your way, tilt to change lanes and avoid them!

Challenging Mini Games

Cows will splat against your screen. Rub them off to improve visibility of the road!

Challenge level increases as you play

Speed and difficulty increases over time, with more obstacles and more complex mini-games!



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