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At First Age Studios, we produce quality custom digital media. Our focus is
primarily video game production, but we also now publish E-books
and some print media! See titles below for more information. If you're an
author looking to submit to First Age Studios, we are not accepting
submissions at this time, but we hope to in the near future, so keep
checking back for details or check out our other services to
see what we can do for you!

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Mirrors Hope Cover Image

Mirror's Hope - Coming Soon!
A Fantasy/Romance novel for adults by Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred

Kind-hearted Mirena Calanais is an outcast in a world where common morality is reversed. She desperately wishes to bring about change and she's given her chance when the 'Avatar of the Light' appears in her bedroom in the middle of the night. Their romance begins, but is tested when Mirena decides that the best way to take on the tyrant who rules their society is to seduce him. Risking it all to get what she wants, Mirena realizes too late that everything has a price and sometimes that price is more than one person can pay alone.

Crimson Winter - Ruins of Sapphire Cover Image

Crimson Winter: Ruins of Sapphire (Vol.1)- now available through lulu.com
A science-fiction adventure by Justine Alley Dowsett for teens and adults

Through a set of odd circumstances, Japanese high school student Yukari Namikoya finds herself stranded on a world vastly different from our own and must find a way to save it from the clutches of a powerful tyrant known as the Vile Emperor.

Crimson Winter - Lands of Jade Cover Image

Crimson Winter: Lands of Jade (Vol.2)- now available through lulu.com
A science-fiction adventure by Justine Alley Dowsett for teens and adults

Yukari Namikoya is given the title of Chosen of Sapphiros and must battle each day to protect the kingdom of Taiyou and the people she loves against overwhelming odds.

Crimson Winter - City of Ruby Cover Image

Crimson Winter: City of Ruby (Vol.3)- now available through lulu.com
A science-fiction adventure by Justine Alley Dowsett for teens and adults

Yukari ends up visiting the Ruby City, the home of the Vile Emperor and the one place she never thought she would go, in order to discover the root of the planet's problems and a method of defeating the planet's true tyrant once and for all.

Neo Central Cover Image

Neo Central - Now available through lulu.com
A Science Fiction novel for teens by Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred

Equinox follows the only clue she has to find a father she's never known. Her best friend Nano follows her to Neo Central, the most affluent city of the world, and gets embroiled in an escalating plot by revolutionaries to overthrow the city's government. Separated, then reunited by circumstance, Equinox and Nano will discover what it takes to live in a city like Neo Central and if they can afford the price of fitting in.

The Watcher Cover Image

The Watcher
Poetry by Joshua Pantalleresco

There is More.

On the top of a tower, guarded by dragons, the Watcher gazes out into the horizon. While the race of his tribe work and toil, The Watcher questions what is beyond the walls. Determined to find out, he escapes his captors, trying to find out, just what is out there.



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