Auxillium Magi

XBox 360



Auxillium Magi - XBox 360

Unite the forces of Fire and Ice to repel incoming magic attacks! Help Ice Mage Zaganos and Fire Mage Aruna complete their missions while defending the construction of the Sky City. Play through the story or compete against a friend in this fast-paced center-defence game.

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Art - Erica Villeneuve
Programming - Michael C.A. Patoine
Production - Justine A. Dowsett
Story - John Redman
Music - Stephanie Tellier
Special Thanks to: Robert Dowsett, Adam Giles, Kieron Wells, Sabrina Wiese, Andreil Games, Battenburg Software, Silver Dollar Games, and the rest of the XBox Indie community

Challenging story mode

Play through fast-paced levels to help Fire and Ice mage defend the construction of the sky city

Fight a dragon!

Two intense boss fights where you have to reflect incoming attacks

Face off with a friend

Reflect attacks on your friends in two-player mode



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